Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems have many practical functions in both the business world and your home. Below are just some of the ways that companies put this powerful means of water purification to good use.

For one, these systems are used in food production. For food companies that process food and especially for beverage companies, reverse osmosis is an ideal option for water purification because it is much cheaper than water heating, and it won't damage the proteins or the enzymes contained within food products the way heat sometimes does. This is especially true of dairy products, which contain many different proteins and enzymes.

  • Power plants use osmosis to get rid of minerals in their boiler water.
  • Car washes and rental car dealers will often use osmosis to eliminate contaminants and hard particles in their water so as not to corrode their customers' cars or make them look rusty. In the case of car washes, water that has been filtered through reverse osmosis is used especially often during the final rinse, which makes the car easier and faster to blow dry and thus will save the car wash money.
  • Wastewater treatment plants often use reverse osmosis to clean sewer water, as well as to purify any rainwater that seeps in their systems. And companies that make hydrogen products will take advantage of osmosis to get rid of the minerals that can form on their electrodes.

commercial reverse osmosis systems


There are indeed many practical uses of commercial reverse osmosis systems. Of course, you can also use it in your home in the form of an whole house RO system or an under counter reverse osmosis system for your water supply.

 whole house reverse osmosis systems