Big Blue Water Filters - Sediment - GAC - Carbon (Pack of 3)

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Big blue filter set for 3 stage, includes 3 filters in this pack of 3 filter set. 4.5" x 20" poly spun sediment filter for dirt, rust, sand 4.5" x 20"

GAC carbon filter for chloramines and chlorine removal 4.5" x 20" carbon block filter for all other chemicals, odors, pesticides Fits standard whole house filter units, interchangeable with any similar filter cartridges.

Standard Size replacement set fits 20"x 4.5" for

Triple Big Blue Housing: This micro straining of the water will provide clean and clear drinking water.

Easy Filter Change Includes:

  • 1st Stage: Sediment Filter (5Micron)
  • 2nd Stage: GAC Block
  • 3rd Stage: Carbon Block (5 Micron)