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Watts Kwik Change Reverse Osmosis Filter Set 50 GPD

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This is the set for the Watts Kwik Change RO system, 11", 50 gallons per day.

Included in the set:

  • The 5 micron Sediment cartridge - Watts Part #WQCSC11
  • Carbon Block filter - Watts part #WQCCC11
  • GAC post filter - Watts Part #WQCGAC11

These are the original factory replacements and are of excellent quality. Should be replaced every six to twelve months, depending on water usage. Installation is quite simple and quick.

The membrane is sold separately and is available in our store. A great value.

Membrane is not included in this set, you change membrane every 3 years.
If you purchased your system from Costco or Sam's Club, these are not the filters for your system, you want to purchase the RO-Pure filters on our site.